We have Asim from Geek Shirts HQ, who has just launched their new on line store and there was one tee in particular caught my eye The Geek Porn Tee.
I interviewed Asim about the store and the Geek Porn tee.

Rockhart Clothing VGSO Brand Extreme

Welcome to another interview from the Brand Exreme Series from Video Games Shirts Online, showcasing the best brands in video game apparel. This week we have Rockhart Clothing A one man operation from the USA.

Sergio Anton A.K.A Fed Clothing Interview

The people behind FED Clothing is just me, but I do give credit to all who help me promote FED I have an awesome little group team.
My name is Sergio Anton and I’m from Phoenix Arizona, I designing with the help of a few great artists to help bringing some sketches to life.

8 Bit Apparel On VGSO Brand Extreme

Welcome to another first for Video Game Shirts Online.
The first ever interview on Tee Brand conducted by Video Game Shirts Online.
The honour of the first ever interviewee goes to 8 Bit Apparel, their very names brings up old memories of some of my old fave games including Turrican 2 and Golden Axe’

Pixel Invasion – A Great Gaming Tee by Baby Berry Designs

  Love your retro video games? Love the original shoot 'em up classic? You know the game I am talking about? Of course it is Space Invaders! Check out this interesting twist on the classic Space Invaders game from Baby Berry Designs, available right now from Nowhere Bad for only $12 and rememer it is only available for 3.5 days. …Read More

6 Of The Best Prototype 2 Video Game T-Shirts

  Prototype 2 is obviously a sequel to the highly successful Prototype  An open world action game where you take control of Sgt. James Heller in a virus hit New York, The main protagonist of the game is looking for the original games anti-hereo Alex Mercer. Sgt. James Heller has the ability to shape ship into other characters and take on …Read More

Top 12 Minecraft Game T Shirts

Ever heard of the game Minecraft? If you have and if you have played it in its many guises then you know, it might be a bit difficult to get a decent t shirt out if the game. If this is the case you will be pleasently surprised as I have found a lot of great shirts. First of all let me explain what Minecraft is all about.

The gameplay is basically centered on construction, building shelter and surviving attacks from mobs. The game area is a 3D world in which the player is free to roam.
At time of writing the game has sold over five million units.

It’s Been A Battle To List My Top 7 Battlefield 3 Game T Shirts

I always wonder how to start these articles. Do I start with the obvious and state that Battlefield 3 is a 1st person shooter and published by Electronic Arts. Well this article is all about Battkrfield 3 shirts, so I am not going to talk about the background of the game. So I thought I might include some facts you …Read More

Lightgun Video Game Shirt from Cuppa T – shirts

  I am starting a new series of articles, highlighting some of the smaller t shirts brands that sell video game shirts. The company Cuppa-T was brought to my attention a few months ago. A New Zealand brand based in Auckland. Cuppa-T started as a conceptual brand. It was defined as a light heard back story of brand determined to …Read More

Top 10 Screen Shot Retro Video Game Shirts

When looking at video game shirts to review, I tend to stay away from the shirts that just display the game’s logo or screenshots of the actual game. In my opinion this is just being lazy as there are so many interesting designs that can be created from the rich tapestry of imagery. There is an exception to this. What …Read More

Top 7 Most Twisted PAC Man Video Game Shirts

I know I have written about PAC man in an earlier article and reviewed some some great shirts. Some of these are even in my top 50 video game shirts. However I felt the need to revisit PAC man, and not because I am getting a preverbial hard on for PAC man. [break] It is because recently I have found …Read More